Our Philosophy

Your own agency

ADK International is more than an excellent partner.

Look to ADK International to provide more than a long and rewarding partnership.

We provide the communication services that best address the issues our clients face.

We identify the issues through comprehensive discussions with our clients,
as well as detailed observations of their targets, all the while thinking outside the box of existing methods and products.

The full services of the entire ADK Group* complement our services, which we provide with the flexibility and immediate response that are only possible with an efficiently-sized agency.

*: The ADK Group is a business consortium that aims “Consumer Activation”.

Your advantage

We provide exclusive values.

Make ADK International your partner and you'll receive total communication services that are customized to your needs. We leverage the advantages of a friendly agency with the full services of a major agency to deliver the best results.

We prioritize the adaptability and response that are only possible with smaller teams. And with the full resources of the ADK Group at our disposal, we can respond to any need in any business field.

We value the growth of our partnerships with our clients, not the size of the business or the account.

ADK International...
  • 1. Offers full services that address its clients' needs with the response of an optimally sized agency.
  • 2. Applies a flexible team structure to assign the optimal personnel and produce superior adaptability and response.
  • 3. Has the extensive resources of the ADK Group at its disposal, including the group's marketing, creative and media expertise.
  • 4. Provides fine-tuned creative services that are based on extensive knowledge of advertising, sales promotion and PR.
  • 5. Assigns Creative Coordinators who are experts in global communications.
  • 6. Suggests meticulous, effective communication strategies that are based on extensive knowledge of the latest marketing methods.
  • 7. We safeguard confidential information with comprehensive measures in order to safely and securely uphold our clients' trust.

Our  Solution

We hope to share the experience of success.

At ADK International, we go the extra distance for our clients because your success translates into our success.
Our commitment to providing high-quality communication strategies is only a start. We forge strong partnerships that produce tangible results, thinking and acting in close concert with our clients. We flexibly harness internal and external marketing, consulting resources, creative resources and communication resources to offer genuine one-on-one solutions.

Marketing & Consulting

Our experienced account services leverages myriad marketing and consulting solutions with a broad range of resources. The resources that are available to us include the extensive marketing methods and branding support systems of the ADK Group.


Trust ADK International to deliver effective, high-quality creatives. We form teams that are optimally suited to the goals and requirements out of a broad spectrum of creative resources, which include those of the ADK Group. Our creative teams include production personnel who produce advertising and promotional materials for use in Japan as well as experts in inbound and outbound advertising.



ADK International offers connection to all major Japanese and international media vehicles through its own media service and the ADK Group. We also work with cutting-edge online content providers and others to deliver targeted communication solutions.



ADK International freely networks with Japanese and international communication companies to create powerful, unique campaigns that are inaccessible to one company alone. We complement our in-house resources with the Japanese and international ADK Group companies and business partners as well as with the talents of noted independent advertising creators and production companies.